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Safety of blood products: Theraflex-ECP

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In the last years, extracorporeal chemophototherapy (ECP) has been more and more shown to be an alternative treatment for various diseases, such as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, autoimmune diseases, acute or steroid-refractory chronic graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), and prevention of organ transplant rejection.

ECP is a therapeutic approach based on the combined effect of ultraviolet light (UV-A) and the photosensitising agent 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP), on peripheral blood mononuclear cells collected from a patient, generally by aphaeresis. 

ImagePrinciple of THERAFLEX-ECP

- Collection of the patients MNCs
- Dosage with saline solution
- Addition of 8-MOP
- Illumination in the UV bag
- Reinfusion to the patient

(8-Methoxypsoralen solution -3mL, 0,002% + UV A illumination of MNC + 8MOP - 365nm, 2J/cm2)


ImageBenefits of THERAFLEX-ECP

- Application to all patients, including children, regardless to the body weight
- Efficacy with all cell collection methods (apheresis, whole blood buffy-coats),
- Patient care and irradiation can be handled separately by respective experts,
- Flexible organisation between collection and reinfusion


- Treatment focused on targeted cells thanks to aphaeresis collection procedures
- Reproductibility of treatment: defined cell quantity treated in one operation,
- 8-MOP concentration can be adjusted to the cell count (control of the collected product before treatment).

- A unique THERAFLEX-ECP illumination container, adaptable to any connection method, transfer device, or sampling procedure
- Low education for cell therapy centers: conventional cell process techniques
- Self-comprehensive operation system of the illumination device MACOGENIC
- Cost-effectiveness of an open technique

- Addition of the methoxypsoralen in a sterile way
- Extremely low dose of methoxypsoralen (1 vial contains 200 times less 8-MOP than a capsule for oral route)
- Full traceability of illumination: the CE marked MACOGENIC ensures a GMP-compliant illumination, with PC monitored traceability.

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